International multi-genre art confest
01.02.2022 - 01.03.2022

International Multi-genre Art and Creativity Contest

"Sorceress - Winter"

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10.03.2022 - Results!

Online participation
Short description.
Winter is an amazing time of the year.
It dazzles with its splendor.
Everything shimmers and shines in the rays of light.
On the street you can admire the surrounding picture
of the winter landscape and the magical beauty of nature!
It's not for nothing that winter was called a sorceress!
Fundamental goals of the project:
Acquaintance with the best creative teams,
identifying talented and gifted individuals,
creating opportunities for children and youth to communicate
creatively by showing the best examples of the artistic traditions of national art,
exchange of experience in the work of artistic directors of collectives;
acquaintance with the culture and art of different countries of the world.
Project objectives:
- Popularization of young talents at the international level;
- Motivation of young performers to achieve high goals - to reveal their talent;
- Revealing the atmosphere for creative communication of teams 
and leaders at the international level,
through the exchange of experience and creative repertoire;
The festival-contest is open to:
Soloists, collectives and small forms without 
age restrictions in the following nominations:
- vocals (academic, pop, folk)
- choral singing
- instrumental genre (piano, violin, button accordion, etc.
(all instruments)
- choreography (all genres)
- dance theater
- fashion theater
- original and theatrical genre
- readers
- entertainer
- artistic word
- art
- arts and crafts
- design
- photography and photography
Cost of participation:
Solo -20$USA
Quartet -35$USA
5 or more participants-40$USA

Click on the competition that interests you and there
you will find information on the cimpetition and a registration form

 Link for registration:




Grant certificates 20%



Terzet -24$USA


From 5 and more participants-32$USA


Grant certificates 30%


Duet-18 $USA

Terzet -21$USA


From 5 and more participants-28 $USA


Additional nomination:



Duet-13 $USA

Terzet -15$USA

Kvartet -18 $USA

From 5 and more participants-20 $USA

 The country representing the competition is Israel.
The competition is international, suitable for children and adults of all ages,
all levels of experience and training, from beginners to professional participants.
 All festival participants will receive international diplomas 
(without specifying the correspondence form).
 Lack of the "PARTICIPANT" diploma, 
all participants receive a degree.
 Free and discounted Grant certificates for Grand Prix winners 
and laureates for participation in festivals, competitions,
master classes of the Holy Land company and its foreign partners around the world.
Thank you diplomas, letters to leaders, teachers, accompanists.
Our Diplomas are quoted: When attestation, when entering universities,
when applying for grants, when compiling a portfolio.
Results and diplomas within 10-14 working days,
after the end of the application.
Written or video testimonials-recommendations from the jury,
at the request of the participant, can be issued in 3 languages
​​(English, Russian and Hebrew), as well as original diplomas,
medals and prize cups, when ordered on the competition website.
In a pandemic, videos from other competitions, 
home videos and some deviations from the specifications
in the competition video are allowed.
 The age of the participant is not limited !!!
 Additional nomination is paid only 50%.
For people with disabilities, disabled people,
and for orphans 50% discount
The participant must send a link to download the 
competitive video on youtube to the email
 The results of the festival-competition will be 
published in reports on our website:
Detailed description and position on the page festivals on the website
: www. festivalholyland.com
  Telephone: (+972) 543041738, (+972) 774508213
Whatsapp: (+972) 543041738